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Best Firefox Extensions

Firstly, if you’re still using Internet Explorer as your browser, do yourself a favour and make the switch to the much better and free alternative: Firefox

Firefox is pretty basic by default but there’s a wealth of extensions available to tailor the browser to your needs, here’s the ones I use:

Tabbrowser Preferences: This is the single most valuable extension. It gives great control over how your tabs behave, when new ones are opened instead of new windows etc. Install this and spend 10 minutes configuring it to your linking, it’s well worth the time.

Foxytunes: Essential for music lovers, this extension provides a mini display and controls for your media player of choice (e.g. winamp) in the status bar at the bottom of firefox. It’s unintrusive and really saves time reducing the need to switch to your media player while browsing.

del.icio.us Integration: del.icio.us is a web based way of storing bookmarks – great for keeping them in sync if you regularly browse from different computers. This extension gives handy buttons and context menu options for adding links to del.icio.us from firefox.

PDF Download: Annoyed when your browser freezes while trying to open a pdf within a page? yeh me too, thats why I use this extension.

Download Manager Extension: Improves the default download manager, for example allows you to have it in a separate window, the sidebar, or a tab.

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